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Dr. Bill Black
Dr. Bill Black
Cone beam directed surgery suturing workshop

Learn how advanced imaging technology can benefit your practice.

With cone beam and other advanced imaging technologies, clinicians must be able to read and interpret the images accurately. This technology, in combination with strong surgical techniques, enables dentists to do more for their patients than ever before.

This course is a unique opportunity for focused instruction and strategies that can be utilized the day after you return to your practice. This course is only offered once a year.

A changed dentist speaks for himself.

We've helped thousands of dentists master the technology that drives production.

Dr. Corey Christensen

Increasing the predictability of all my cases.

"Using new technology is not only exciting, it is quickly becoming the only way for me to know that I have done the best that I can do for my patients. The Cone-Beam Directed Surgery course showed me how to use advanced imaging to better visualize the issues and go forward confidently with enhanced surgical techniques to achieve more predictable outcomes."

Dr. Corey Christensen

- attended May 2019

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • CBCT for maxillofacial diagnosis

    • Learn about the latest in medical imaging for dentists.
    • Understand how to improve accuracy of diagnosis with advanced imaging.

  • Identifying dangerous pathologies

    • How imaging can be used for oral cancer screenings.
    • Use imaging to identify underlying causes of oral problems.

  • Imaging for implant dentistry

    • Increase the accuracy of case planning with CBCT imagery.
    • Taking the guesswork out of implant placement with CBCT.

  • Oral surgery for the GP

    • Learn how to do pre-prosthetic surgery, biopsies, and other procedures.
    • Confidently handle medical emergencies in the operatory.

  • Hands-on suturing workshop

    • Become more proficient in suturing techniques.
    • Learn approaches to suturing for even the most difficult cases.

  • Medical records & post-op care

    • Recognize what medical records are telling you about the risks to a patient.
    • Learn post-operative care techniques that will decrease problems and improve outcomes.

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