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Dr. Dick Barnes

The Legacy Continues

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Dr. Barnes showing other dentists how he did large cases.

When Dr. Barnes began his career in a small practice in the then working-class town of Rialto, CA, he struggled. Working long hours for what didn’t amount to much, he became convinced of two things. First, every patient deserved the best dentistry regardless of their perceived ability to pay. Second, he wanted to find a better way of presenting and doing the dentistry that his patients needed.

With these two principles in mind, he began developing an approach to dentistry that we call “The Dr. Dick Barnes Structure.” After Dr. Barnes experienced success with this philosophy, he wasn’t content to keep it to himself. He allowed other dentists to observe as he presented and completed comprehensive, aesthetic cases in a blue-collar town.

Today, the Dr. Dick Barnes Group continues to provide continuing education (CE) experiences that make dentists better and more productive starting the day they return to the practice.

Dr. Barnes never sought to make a profit on the instruction he shared with his colleagues. And thanks to the support of Arrowhead Dental Laboratory, the Dr. Dick Barnes Group offers its CE classes at break-even pricing. Why? Because we believe that every dentist deserves access to affordable CE that makes a measurable difference.

In addition to the courses, the DDBG offers support and mentorship as you integrate the new skills and techniques into your practice. That is why we can confidently say there is no better place for you to discover your full potential as a dentist than with the Dr. Dick Barnes Group.


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