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Hernan Varas, MBA
Hernan Varas, MBA

Developing a gameplan that creates unity and drives production.

This is much more than just consulting, this is all star-coaching! The In-Office Coaching experience is a specialized approach to help you create a plan that will unleash the full potential of every member of your team.

Hernan will spend time getting to know your practice and learning about your future goals. At your office, he will analyze your practice and create a completely customized strategy for your needs. With this approach, you’re never alone.

"A passion for dentistry isn't just for a lucky few. It is the fire waiting to be ignited in every person at your office!"

In-Office Coaching Overview

Here's how we do it.


Prior to the office visit, Hernan will review detailed information about your practice. With this information, he will develop a custom plan based upon your goals, expectations, and practice potential.


  • DAY 1

    The first day Hernan will observe how the practice currently operates with a focus on:

  • Phone interactions
  • Scheduling & cancellations
  • Case presentation
  • Office interviews
  • Patient engagement
  • Treatment planning
  • Financial arrangements
  • Doctor interviews
  • DAYS 2 & 3

    The office will close and Hernan will guide your team with the following:

  • Technique mastery

    • Hernan will teach techniques for patient engagement using role-playing and instruction.

  • Enhanced scheduling

    • Development of a scheduling strategy that will boost production and reduce stress on the team.

  • Recall management

    • Implementation of a recall protocol that will dramatically increase production.


  • And more!


After the in-office visit concludes, Hernan will work with your practice for 6 months to ensure progress continues to be made, and to resolve any outstanding questions. During this period, your practice will send weekly progress reports to Hernan, and he will continue to give advice about the techniques needed to reach your goals.

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