Master the skills that make your production soar.

Build your skills while you prep and bond a full arch case on your own patient.

Dr. Jim Downs
Dr. Jim Downs

The difference between wishing and being is doing.

If you're looking for a way to differentiate your practice from the competition, this course is for you. Become part of a small group of dentists who have discovered how full arch reconstruction can transform a practice. Patients will seek out the outcomes you can deliver.

A changed dentist speaks for himself.

We have helped thousands of dentists complete their first full arch reconstruction.

Dr. Jeffrey Yelle

Producing more, working less!

“The Clinical Hands-On course has decreased my stress and increased my production. Actually, prepping and bonding a full arch on my own patients was a great skill-building experience. Their patient-focused approach has allowed me to produce more while seeing fewer patients per day.”

Dr. Jeffrey Yelle

- attended Oct. 2019

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • Large case protocol
    • Avoiding problems that can wreck a case.

    • Removing unpredictability.

  • Large case design

    • Soft-tissue framing.
    • Optimal aesthetic preparation.
    • Chairside provisionals in 15 minutes.
    • Color-mapping and design.

  • Hands-on prepping

    • Prepping and temporizing your own patient.

  • Large case occlusion

    • Bonding for longevity.
    • Occlusion - combining function and aesthetics.

  • Hands-on bonding

    • Bond final restorations on your own patient.
    • Workflow for efficient large-case bonding.

  • Making it happen

    • Case presentation skills for large cases.
    • How to market large cases so patients understand the value.

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Please note that each Clinical Hands-On course consists of two separate sections.: Prepping and Bonding. Each section is held approximately one month apart. Only the Prepping date is listed below. To see the associated bonding date click on the register button.

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