Free yourself from uncertainty by mastering the numbers.

Protect your business, take control of your finances, and
ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

Dr. Jim Downs
Dr. Jim Downs

Understand the numbers that drive production and profitability.

What you don’t know is costing you money and peace of mind. Knowing your hourly operational costs is the difference between a practice that thrives and one that just survives.

This course offers a clear plan to improve your practice and enhance profitability. Register today! This course is only offered twice a year. Register today as this course is only offered twice a year.

Changed dentists speak for themselves.

We've helped thousands of dentists take control of their finances.

Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi

A stress-free pandemic!

“The Know Your Numbers course helped me create a financially prepared practice. When the pandemic hit, we were able to ride out the storm without the stress and worry that we might have experienced without a strong financial plan in place.”

Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi

- attended April 2018

Dr. Kay Younggren

Financialy stronger than ever.

"The Know Your Numbers course has had a big impact on me as a business owner. I use the principles I learned every day. Now we set concrete goals, and everyone is focused on reaching them. The financial strength of my practice has never been better."

Dr. Kay Younggren

- attended Nov. 2013

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • Industry standards

    • Learn how your practice compares to others.

  • Understanding the numbers

    • Identify the metrics you should use to manage your practice.
    • Understand what your financial statement tells you about your practice.

  • Production goals

    • How to create a financial plan that drives production.
    • How to ensure you get the compensation you want.

  • Total office production

    • Learn how to optimize revenue potential.

  • Preventing embezzlement

    • Recognize problems related to embezzlement.
    • Learn how to implement controls that will prevent losses.

  • Leadership that drives production

    • Become an effective CEO of your dental practice.
    • Learn organizational management techniques and how to implement changes when necessary.  

  • Building a financial model

    • Create a culture where your team is working to reach clear and measurable goals.
    • You will leave this course having created a financial model you can start implementing the day you return to the office.

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