Learn advanced techniques that drive production.

Increase your production potential, become more efficient, and gain more confidence in your clinical skills.

Dr. Jim Downs
Dr. Jim Downs
Beyond the Basics Course

Discover the skills and techniques of highly productive dentists.

This 2-day course is designed to jump-start your practice, whether you are newly graduated or have been in practice for many years.

This is a unique opportunity to get firsthand instruction and strategies that will quickly take your skills to the next level. This course is only offered once a year and seating is limited. Call today to reserve a seat.

Changed dentists speak for themselves.

We've helped thousands of dentists increase efficiency and outcomes with advanced skills.

Dr. Ken Lim

Great hands-on course.

“This course was great! We didn’t just talk about skills and techniques, we did them. My confidence and excitement for dentistry went through the roof. I went back to work Monday morning, ready to start work with improved skills and increased production potential.”

Dr. Ken Lim

- attended June 2019

Dr. George Tsougranis

Jump start your career.

“If your skills aren’t progressing as you would like, this course is a great way to jump start your career. It inspired me to change my approach to dentistry and adopt more efficient and effective techniques that have helped me be more productive with less stress."

Dr. George Tsougranis

- attended June 2019

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • Effective diagnosis

    • Learn a comprehensive diagnosis model that enhances production.
    • How to avoid classic under-diagnosis mistakes.

  • Prep design

    • Prepping techniques that increase speed and effectiveness.
    • How proper bite registrations can remove complexity from your cases.

  • Composite simulation lab

    • Get first-hand experience in advanced techniques related to composites.

  • Smile design

    • How to design smiles for aesthetics and longevity.
    • Avoiding the classic mistakes that compromise case outcomes.

  • Treatment sequencing

    • Learn the proper way to segment large cases.
    • How to approach phased treatment without compromising the outcome.

  • Bite maintenance & temporization

    • How to effectively open the bite without compromising occlusion.
    • How to use a "living splint" to get optimal case outcomes.

  • Simulation lab - sequencing & temps

    • Master sequencing by actually going through the process on a test case.
    • Learn how to make beautiful chairside temps on a test case.

  • Case presentation skills

    • Learn case presentation skills that help the patient see the value of your dentistry.

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