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Full arch dentistry is the best way to elevate the reputation of your practice because the results for patients are life-changing, and more than 70% of dentists can’t provide this treatment. When you provide patients with solutions that go beyond aesthetics and yield amazing results for their confidence and quality of life, it changes everything. Our reconstructive track offers a series of courses to make full arch treatments consistent and easy for dentists and patients. Discover how exciting large case dentistry can be.

Reconstructive Excellence Courses

Gain the skills that build a lasting reputation.


Occlusion techniques for optimal outcomes.


In 2 days, you will learn techniques that will increase your confidence and empower you to get results you never thought possible.


Confidently present and complete large cases.


70 percent of dentists have never completed a full arch case. Discover the production potential that too many dentists miss out on.


Master prepping and bonding skills in an intensive learning experience.


Learn by doing. In this two-part mentorship course, you will prep and bond a full arch case on one of your own patients.

Frequently asked questions.

Most of our courses can be taken in any order. However, you must attend the Full Arch Reconstruction course before you can attend the Clinical Hands-On course. We recommend that everyone begins with Everyday Occlusion as the other courses build upon this course, but that is not a requirement.

Our courses are designed for dentists of any experience level. To reap the greatest benefit, we suggest taking the courses as early in your career as possible, because the skills and techniques can be immediately implemented and make your dentistry more consistent and efficient.

Our courses have been specifically designed so that you can start implementing what you learn the day you return to the office. We encourage you to bring a case or two that you are working on so that we can have our onsite dental experts advise you on case design and presentation. Even after the course has ended, you will be able to call and consult on the cases you are doing, as you solidify your newly developed skills.

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