Start doing implants and keep revenue in your practice.

Improve patient care, increase production, and do it all with confidence.

Dr. Jim Downs
Dr. Jim Downs
Implant EZ 1 Chairside Demonstration

Experience the benefits of offering implants in your practice.

Modern implant systems and technologies are blurring the lines between GPs and specialists. Now more than ever, dental implants are an important part of routine comprehensive dental care. Patients want the continuity of care that can only come from a dentist who can also provide implants. This course offers a proven and predictable method for introducing implants into dental practices.

After the course, you will see more opportunities to place implants, know how to sell them, and production will increase. Register today! This course is only offered twice a year.

A changed dentist speaks for himself.

We've helped thousands of dentists master implants.

Dr. Weston Hafner

I've placed over 1,000 implants.

"The Dr. Dick Barnes Group takes the intimidating task of placing implants and breaks it down into a consistent and manageable process. They taught me to recognize the cases I should do and when I should refer them out to a specialist. I felt comfortable placing implants right away, and since then have placed over 1,000 implants. Being able to do implants has allowed me to keep revenue in my practice and provide better care for my patients."

Dr. Weston Hafner

- attended Sept. 2017

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • Chairside implant demo

    • See how implant cases can be done within your dental practice.
    • Understand the dentists-and-assistant implant workflow.

  • Hands-on implant lab

    • Practice placing implants in a test model.
    • Become proficient at using dental implant instruments.

  • Implant case planning

    • Learn how to determine which implant cases to do and which to refer out.
    • Identify potential problem areas in implant case design.

  • Implant selection

    • How to choose the proper implant for each case.
    • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various implant systems.

  • Treatment planning

    • Review cases that attendees brought, to learn how to effectively plan implant cases.
    • Identify the key factors that determine success of implant cases.

  • Case presentation skills

    • How to clearly present implant cases to patients.
    • Help the patient understand the value, so they can see beyond the cost.

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