Knowledge to skill.

The most effective way to bridge the gap between knowledge and skill is to work with someone who's mastered it.

Knowing about and doing advanced dentistry are two separate things. Unfortunately, many dentists understand dentistry's potential, but few have turned that knowledge into the kind of skills that create life-changing results for their patients. The reason is simple. They try and do it alone.

There's a better, faster way!

We've helped thousands of dentists like you advance their skills.

The close relationship between Arrowhead Dental Lab and the Dr. Dick Barnes Group is intentional. When Dr. Dick Barnes started practicing dentistry, he discovered that the biggest obstacle to rapid skill development and improved case outcomes was the false belief that he had to do everything by himself.

He started Arrowhead Dental Lab because he couldn’t find a lab with the expertise to help him do comprehensive cases. So Dr. Barnes assembled a group of experts in case design and created a support structure for his highly productive practice. The result was amazing dentistry for all his patients. Today, that expertise is also available to the thousands of dentists who attend courses with the Dr. Dick Barnes Group.


How we help you turn knowledge into skill.

The process that makes you better with every case.

  • Intentional Learning

    Learning with intent means acquiring knowledge with the intent of quickly putting that knowledge to use. We encourage every doctor to bring a case to the course so we can help you learn the new skill specifically for your patient.

  • Case Action Plan

    Our case-planning experts will help you craft a detailed plan about moving forward with your case on the day you return to your practice.

  • Constant Improvement

    With a support network in place, you can start doing increasingly difficult cases. This process allows you to increase your production while delivering outcomes that your competition can’t. This is how we make you better with every case. The sky’s the limit!

We’re committed to keeping CE affordable!

Partnership for Comprehensive Dentistry

This program allows Arrowhead customers to use their lab bill to help pay for tuition at any of the Dr. Dick Barnes Group courses.

Multi-Course Value Program

As part of our commitment to dentists advancing their skills, this program allows attendees who sign up for multiple courses at once to obtain incentive pricing.

Get the most out of your CE investment

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