Master implants through hands-on experience.

Master a wide range of implant techniques, increase your confidence, and keep revenue in your practice.

Dr. Jim Downs
Dr. Jim Downs
Implant EZ 2 Simulation Lab

Go from knowing about implants to confidently doing them in a weekend.

Spend a weekend learning dental implantology in an environment that allows you to confidently place implants the day after you return.

The Dr. Dick Barnes Group has developed a 2-day comprehensive implant course where each participant is provided with a simulation operatory to practice grafting and suturing techniques. It includes a surgical and restorative mannequin that accurately simulates soft tissue and bone, with both cortical and cancellous layers, membrane-lined sinuses, and bone defects. No other course will provide you with the experience necessary to start placing implants the day after you return. Reserve your seat today as this unique learning experience is only offered once a year.

A changed dentist speaks for himself.

We've helped thousands of dentists take their implant skills to the next level.

Dr. Brandon Whitworth

Keeping revenue in my practice.

“I picked the Implant EZ 2 course because I wanted to be more comfortable doing multiple implant cases and managing complications. I’m doing more implants in my practice than ever before. It’s allowed me to keep revenue in my practice that I used to refer out.”

Dr. Brandon Whitworth

- attended June 2018

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • Diagnostics & radiography

    • Learn how to diagnose, visualize, and plan implant cases.

  • Simulation labs

    • Complete a single posterior implant, including flap design.
    • Place an anterior implant with optimal aesthetics and function.

  • Implant complications

    • Learn how to avoid the common mistakes that compromise implant cases.
    • See how to handle complications effectively and confidently.

  • Simulation labs

    • Do an extraction on a case with a buccal defect.
    • Complete a bone graft and placement of an immediate implant.
    • Learn how to do implant-retained dentures and denture conversions.

  • Case presentation skills

    • Learn how to present implant cases in terms that patients can understand.
    • Understand the strategies that help patients see value rather than cost.
    • Have a plan to start presenting implants the day you return to the office.

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