Experience the power of a team focused on your goals.

Create a team culture that drives production, encourages patient engagement, and increases career satisfaction.

Hernan Varas, MBA
Hernan Varas, MBA
Total Team Training Course

A focused team increases your production potential.

With the focused efforts of your entire team, you can create a patient experience that reinforces your vision of dentistry. This intensive 2-day course teaches a proven structure that will increase patient flow, end cancellations, and get patients to accept treatment.

Now is the time. Find out just how productive your dental practice can be when you give your team the tools to realize your vision.

A changed dentist speaks for herself.

We've helped thousands of dentists create teams that drive production.

Dr. Valerie Holleman

My practice more than doubled!

“Total Team Training has been a key factor in my practice’s growth. Since learning the Total Team structure, my practice has more than doubled.”

Dr. Valerie Holleman

- attended Feb. 2014

Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics covered.

  • Getting patients through the door
    • How to introduce patients to the practice.

    • Telephone strategies that engage patients.

  • Engaging the 3 callers

    • How to effectively deal with emergency callers, shopper callers, and prophy callers.
    • The most productive way to appoint new patients.

  • The "New Patient" interview

    • How to create a strong value proposition at the first visit.
    • Setting the stage for large-case presentations.

  • The Patient Exam

    • Comprehensive exam protocol.
    • Charting for the Dentist, Hygienist, and Auxilary.
    • Practice Potential.

  • Principles of selling

    • A proven structure for selling dentistry based on value that gets patients to say "Yes!"

  • Handling patient objections

    • How to deal with objections in ways that the dentistry still get's done.
    • Insurance strategies that maximize production potential.

  • Recall management

    • Learn a recall strategy that starts increasing your production the day you return to the office.
    • How to find and present undone dentistry from existing patients.

  • Scheduling for production

    • How to reach your daily production goal by lunch.
    • Create a schedule that doesn't run the dentist & team ragged.
    • Implementation monitoring and follow-up.

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May 2025
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