Avoid the CE trap.

Other continuing education courses teach about dentistry, but don't provide comprehensive support to help you turn that knowledge into productive skills.

Our courses help you build skills quickly.

You've probably experienced a CE course that opened your eyes to new possibilities, only to feel frustration when you were unable to convert that insight into meaningful change. Each of our courses are based on three simple but powerful elements that dramatically speeds skill acquisition and increases production. 


Our longstanding philosophy is to help dentists quickly become more productive.


Proficiency comes after doing difficult cases. Our support team is here to make that easier for you.


Our educators don't just teach. They mentor you as you implement what you’ve learned.



We aren't in the business of selling courses.

We're in the business of making you a better and more productive dentist. This was Dr. Dick Barnes' original vision and it's what guides us today. It’s why we focus on only a handful of courses, organized into 4 learning tracks—Reconstructive Excellence, Practice Management, Skills Expansion, and Implant Mastery.


Build skills faster working together.

The hardest way to implement a new skill is to do it alone. Our unique relationship with Arrowhead Dental Laboratory empowers you to take on more advanced dental cases with confidence. Dedicated dental professionals are available to help you with everything from case presentation strategy to designing and implementing a complex dental case.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you stand apart from the competition.

Dr. Dick Barnes Group Mentorship


The learning doesn't end with the course.

Advancing your career is easier when you can rely upon someone who has walked the same path. Our educators are practicing dental professionals, just like you. They know how difficult it can be to build new skills while running a practice. So they make themselves available for any questions and provide guidance on a one-on-one basis.

Discover how much better continuing education can be when the learning continues beyond the course.

Get the most out of your CE investment

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