Identifying a Case

Once you have decided to start doing full arch reconstruction cases, identify patients who could benefit from it. These patients are in your practice every day--you and your team just aren't seeing them.

Below are some resources to help identify patients who could benefit from full arch dentistry. If you don’t feel like your presentation skills are up to the task, no need to worry. Arrowhead Dental Laboratory has dedicated technical support representatives who can help you present these cases.

Resources to Help You Identify Cases.

Full arch dentistry becomes easy when you know what to look for.

Everyday you have patients in  your office that need full arch dentistry. If you are wanting to get into more complex dentistry, learning to recognize these cases and more importantly which cases you should start with is key to your success.

Call out technical support department and let them help you identify which cases are the right one's to start doing. Not only will they help review cases and help you pick the best place to start, but they will help you plan and present those cases. You are one phone call away from identifying the unrealized potential of your practice.

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Arrowhead has a technical support department whose sole purpose is to help doctors like you identify, plan, present and execute large case and full arch dentistry. When you work with Arrowhead you are never alone when taking on complex cases. In his article "Don't Go It Alone", Kent Garrick, Arrowhead's technical support director details some of the resources Arrowhead has to make this process easier.

General symptoms don’t always give you the full picture, but small tests can help you more clearly diagnosis right from the beginning and ensure the correct treatment plan . Watch this free webinar in which Dr. Jim Downs discusses different methods for avoiding common problems that compromise dental cases.

Dr. Dan Hillis shares a systematic approach to making full arch dentistry simple and effective. Read his article entitled "Full Arch Reconstruction: Simple When It's Systematic".

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