Making the Decision

The 30% of dentists who do full arch treatments choose to do it. Providing treatments that every dentist can do isn't something they want to limit themselves to. Instead, they seek out guidance and education to advance their skills and deliver comprehensive treatment. They don't procrastinate, waiting for the day when a perfect candidate comes in and asks for it.

Below are resources to help you make that critical decision.

Resources to Help

Dentistry can and should be life changing for you and your patients.

Dr. Anthony Baird shares his experience in deciding to do full arch dentistry in his article entitled "A Journey Worth Taking". 

In this free webinar "A Segmental Approach to Dentistry" Dr. Jim Downs shares a segmental strategy for doing full arch dentistry that makes it easier for dentists to start doing these types of cases while also lowering the economic barriers for patients.

Spend 60 minutes with Dr. Downs and discover just how easy it is to get started.

For over 40 years the Dr. Dick Barnes Group has offered C.E. courses designed to teach you strategies and techniques that you can implement the day you return to the office. If you want to find a structured approach to full arch dentistry that provides consistent and predictable results then you need to experience the "Full Arch ReconstructionFull Arch Reconstruction" and "Clinical Hands-On" courses. 

If you want to start the journey to be able to offer full arch reconstruction solutions to your patients, you can start now. Follow these easy steps to take the first step on this important growth experience in your career.

  1. Everyday identify two patients that have functional or aesthetic issues that are compromising their health or confidence.
  2. Share your concerns in an honest, candid and caring conversation with those patients. Tell them that you would like to take impressions, photos and x-rays at no charge so that you can study their needs and develop a treatment plan to restore them to optimal health.
  3. Contact Arrowhead Dental Laboratory's dedicated technical support group to help you develop a custom treatment plan that will get you started on the path of providing life changing dentistry to your patients. 

Make the decision today and see just how quickly your become a better and more productive dentist.

We're here to help.

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